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My purpose here is to help people achieve the best life. Every person has a better potential they can rise up to, and I love that I am enabled enough to help you achieve this potential, improving your life spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally, and relationally. I don’t simply provide fitness solutions in Dallas like weight loss in Frisco TX or McKinney weight loss and nutritional consultancy. I work to improve your entire life using better health as a means to an end.


ID Life is all about wellness and happiness through enhance fitness, improved nutrition, and a better life. Being passionate about making a difference for others, I partnered with ID Life to play a part in helping you achieve your ID (Individually Designed) Life. If you’re looking for cutting-edge Plano nutrition or perhaps weight loss programs in Dallas, you’ve come to the right place and person.


Of course, my purpose didn’t develop automatically. It actually comes from my personal story – I used to proudly serve our country as a United States Marine. However, due to chemical exposure in my time there, I started having seizures. As a solution, I had to take lifelong medication twice a day. After a decade, I accepted this medication as a part of my life – I had no other choice. However, God had a better plan and I found ID Nutrition. Four months into it and I was completely removed from my medication! Even my wife benefitted from ID Nutrition as was taken off a dozen medications. If it worked for the both of us, I knew it would work for anyone. And thus, I considered it my obligation to help people find this amazing solution and here I am, ready to help you change your life for the better.

I, Vik Nathan, challenge you to greater health, wealth, and a greater sense of self!

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